I need a software recommendation: what #email server would you recommend for running on #linux?

* doesn't need a whole VPS to itself
* built-in web client
* easy to setup and admin

@mewmew No linux email server that I know of has its own webmail client. Most common and generally useful are postfix and exim, using dovecot for imap access and roundcube for webmail. If you're looking for a simple solution cPanel is great for web and email hosting, and is based on exim, dovecot, and several webmail clients including roundcube.

@jelutz77 ah, that makes sense - as long as the webmail client isn't too hard to install it should be fine

@mewmew I think roundcube is in PHP, so should use a basic LAMP or LEMP stack, and uses IMAP for access to the email server (hence the dovecot).

@mewmew Easiest solution, however, is to get a shared hosting package at HostGator or my hosting at resplendentwebservices.com; email and webmail are already set up and easily administered via web GUIs. That is, unless you're planning to do something illicit...

@jelutz77 not planning to do anything illicit but I want the experience of hosting myself, thanks for the offer though
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