@maenad So you point out the sexual preferences and genders of the kickstarters in your promo, but what are you gathering funds to do?

@info_activism I also agree with the European legal practice of deeming encryption a lock, meaning that breaking encryption is an act of breaking and entering. This has huge legal consequences for defining criminal activities including admissible surveillance in law enforcement.

@info_activism People underestimate the value of GDPR. I myself see how they try to enforce it on us illegally and oppose it because they don't have a basis to regulate us and our companies won't fight it. But I can agree with a lot of it, and could support increased similar WELL DEFINED regulations in the USA.

@judicialwatch_bot @TomFitton We need to recognize that we need to work on educating the public in this representative democracy as they are instead of swaying the politicians. If we don't do that, they win.

@judicialwatch_bot @TomFitton We have no republic since the 17th Amendment took away the Senate and made it a second House of Representatives. Denying it just works into the hands of the fascists that want to force us to accept communism.

@Northmantrader Yep! Things are over-leveraged mainly because the banks can use their receivables as assets to loan more money! We need the SEC to stop recognizing these as assets, probably in 10% increments: ex: starting at 100%, 1 year later recognize 90%, next year 80% recognized as an asset, etc. The SEC also approved using the income over an entire lease as an asset as well, which is also a mistake in monetary policy.

@thor Why would someone voluntarily use this filter?

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@WayneDupreeShow That's not the only thing they're doing: if the election doesn't have a decisive outcome by the time of inauguration, the previous speaker (Pelosi) becomes President.

@johndolph LOL at least it's the Anti-Trumpers who will be the first to refuse the coronavirus vaccines!

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